Dominic Farrell from Tuna Fish has exhibited many times at the Property Investor Show in the past, both in London and Manchester and on all occasions had a tremendous response from  attendees and gained some incredibly high-quality leads, many of whom are still clients after 17 years.

They changed their business model recently to rely on agents selling  properties and therefore did not attend the show from 2007 onwards. This has now changed, and they no longer use agents.

They have recently (March 2023) had a book published “Property Auctions:  Repossessions, Bankruptcies and Bargain Properties” and chose to launch it at the show, alongside property sourcing services in Liverpool. The book can be purcahsed here

It was a huge success, selling all of the books they had to offer and also adding high-quality leads to their database of clients, some of whom are already active after only two weeks.

As Dominic says – “The show was very well attended, and we were constantly talking to potential clients and developing a relationship. My recollection of the two days is that we only just coped with the volume of enquiries.”

“I also prefer the two-day format and what is clear is that the quality of lead, in my opinion, is better than when we originally attended. I was very impressed, to such an extent, that we will be exhibiting again 6/7 October 2023.”

“In terms of cost, there is no better platform than the Property Investor Show for return on investment. The cost of lead is significantly lower than any other platform we use. The quality is also higher. Additionally, we had a great time, and as stated, we will be back in October and looking forward to it.

Now thats a fantastic testimonial – Thanks Dominic. Looking forward to seeing you in October