One of the highlights of the Property Investor Show is the talks and seminar programme. These sessions are led by property gurus, industry experts, successful investors, and professional advisors, who have attained remarkable success in the property sector. Whether you’re interested in residential buy-to-let properties, commercial real estate, auction or overseas markets, there will be an array of seminars tailored to suit your interests.

The keynote speakers at the Property Investor Show are accomplished individuals who have made a significant impact on the property investment landscape. They will share their personal stories, expertise, and tips, giving attendees a unique insight into their methods and strategies for achieving financial independence through property investments. Check out our talks programme here –

The seminars cover a wide range of topics, ensuring there is something for everyone. From beginners seeking guidance on how to get started in property investing to seasoned investors looking for advanced strategies, the seminars cater to all skill levels. Topics may include property financing, tax considerations, selecting the right location, property development, and property management. The experts leading these informative sessions are dedicated to imparting their knowledge and helping you make informed investment decisions.

Attending the talks and seminars at the Property Investor Show offers a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Engage in meaningful discussions with experts and fellow attendees who share your passion for property investments. Forge valuable connections and learn from the experiences of others in the industry. Networking is a crucial element of becoming a successful property investor, and the Property Investor Show provides the perfect platform for expanding your professional circle.

In addition to the talks and seminars, the Property Investor Show also features a bustling exhibition hall. Here, you can meet companies and professionals offering services and products related to property investments. Whether you need advice, finance options, property management services, or construction solutions, you will find a wealth of information and opportunities at the exhibition.

6/7 October 2023