Property Investor terms and conditions


The expression “the Organisers” whenever mentioned herein shall mean PROPERTY INVESTOR MEDIA LIMITED (PIM). The expression “the Exhibitor” whenever mentioned herein shall mean any company, from or person who has applied for and been allocated any space at the Exhibition.


Completion of the application form will constitute acceptance by the Exhibitor of these rules and regulations. Every effort will be made to allocate the space applied for, however, in order to facilitate an orderly layout to the Exhibition, the Exhibitor agrees to accept and pay for such space as may be allocated to him provided that it shall not be more that 10% greater or less than the area applied for. The area allocated shall be the full extent of display areas available to the Exhibitor. Should any dispute arise as to the allocation of space, the decision of the Organiser is final, except that where the space allocated is more than 10% greater, or less than, that for which originally applied. In the event of an Exhibitor giving written notice at any time prior to the Exhibition of the intention not to take possession of such space allocated to him, or in the event of failure by the Exhibitor to take possession of such space by the day prior to the opening of the Exhibition. The Organiser may deal with such space as it in its absolute discretion thinks, fit, without being under any liability to refund or abate any charge due here under except as provided in section 3 below.


(Clause applies when the exhibition space booking includes email advertising). (3a) Artwork for any email broadcast to be supplied by the exhibiting company at least 72 hours prior to the agreed broadcast date.
(3b) Email sends will need to broadcast by the date stated – or by 31st December 2022 (latest).
(3c) Exhibiting company to use PIM data collection page in their artwork for the email send.

The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or accept cancellation of the booking and to apply the following cancellation charges where an Exhibitor cancels, or fails to make a payment on the due date.

Cancellation notice received:

Over Six months prior to commencement of the Exhibition 30% of contract value.
Over Three months prior to commencement of the Exhibition 60% of contract value.
Three months or less prior to commencement of the Exhibition 100% of the full contract value
In any event no deposit will be refundable. Any notice of cancellation must be forwarded by recorded delivery post.


25% of the stand value is due no later than 15th December 2021.
50% of the stand value is to be paid by 20th July 2022
Final 25% of the stand value is to be paid by 1st September 2022

Any exhibitor booking space after 11 weeks before the show is due to start will be required to pay 70% of the total costs and bookings received after 8 weeks before the show is due to start will be required to pay the full amount for the space booked immediately. In the event of an Exhibitor becoming bankrupt or
making a composition with his creditors for going into liquidation or being under the appointment of a receiver, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel any allocation of space without being under any liability to refund or abate any charges paid or due here under. (5a) Exhibitors are required to adhere to the payment terms stated. In the event that an Exhibitor fails to adhere to payment terms, The Organisers retain the right to release the agreed stand
position and relocate the Exhibitor to a stand of similar size within the show. The company reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 5% per month on any payment that has not been settled within the time specified and to invoice the client in advance in respect of any service to be provided by the company. Where any invoice is in dispute the company must be notified in writing within seven days of receipt of delivery of invoice.


Each Exhibitor must name at least one person to be his representative in connection with the installation, operation and removal of the exhibit. Such representative shall be authorised to enter into such service contracts as may be necessary for which the Exhibitor may be responsible.


The Exhibition will be open to visitors at advertised stated times each day, during which periods the Exhibitor undertakes to have his exhibits on display, in good order, adequately attended and not covered up. No Exhibitor shall have the right prior to the closing of the Exhibition to pack or remove articles on
display without permission or the approval in writing by the Organiser.


Exhibitors shall be so arranged as not to obstruct the general view, nor to hide the exhibits of others.Plans for specially built displays other than those constructed from the standard shell scheme must be submitted to the Organiser for approval before construction is ordered. Should any dispute arise as to
the allocation of space, or as to the extent of any extra space deemed by the Organiser to be occupied by an Exhibitor beyond that allocated, the decision of the Organiser shall be final. If in the opinion of the Organiser, the Exhibitors display extends beyond that area, the Organiser may at
its sole discretion charge the Exhibitor for the extra space occupied at the prevailing rate. No display material exposing an unfinished surface to neighbouring stands will be permitted, The Organiser reserves the right to relocate the Exhibitor if it, in its absolute discretion, thinks it necessary in the best interest of
the Exhibition.


The Exhibitor shall at once comply with any requirements imposed on the Organiser by the proprietors or managers of the exhibition building or any municipal or other competent authority or written notice of such being to the Exhibitor by the Organisers. All inflammable materials shall be fireproofed or otherwise processed against fire in accordance with the regulations for the time being in force and any statutory or local regulations or requirements to which the
Exhibition may be subject the Organisers at least two weeks before the first day of build up, a list detailing the personnel who will be present on the stand, and the days on which each person is likely to be in attendance.


Exhibitors agree not to assign or sublet any space allocated to them without written consent from the Organiser and not to display or advertise goods other than those manufactured or carried by them in the normal course of business. Sales by auction are prohibited, without the written permission of the Organisers.


If it appears to the Organiser that an Exhibitor may be engaged in activities which are deemed to be contrary to the best interests of the Exhibition or which appear unethical or to be in breach of the law, the Organiser may cancel any allocation of space which may have been made to the Exhibitor and require him forthwith to vacate any space allocated to him and refuse the Exhibitor the right to participate further in the Exhibition without being under any liability to refund or abate any charges due here under. Canvassing for orders or for any purpose by any unauthorised person is strictly prohibited and in any
such case the right of expulsion will at once be exercised. The distribution or display of printed or other placards, hand-bills or circular or other articles except by Exhibitors at their stands is prohibited.


All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law (except for the conditions implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979) are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from the contract between the Organiser and the Exhibitor (“Contract”).
Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or limits the liability of the Organiser for fraudulent misrepresentation or for any death or personal injury caused by the Organiser’s negligence.


The Organiser will not be liable to the Exhibitor in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence), misrepresentation or otherwise for any economic loss of any kind (including but not limited to loss of profit, business, contracts, revenue or anticipated savings), any damage to the Exhibitor’s reputation or
goodwill, or any other special, indirect or consequential loss (whatsoever and howsoever caused) which arise out of or in connection with the Contract or its termination.

Subject to the preceding provisions of this clause 11, the Organiser’s total liability in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence), misrepresentation or otherwise arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of this Contract or its termination will be limited to an
amount equal to the fees paid by the Exhibitor to the Organiser pursuant to the Contract.


The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser in respect of all or any liability, loss, cost or expenses which might ensue from any cause whatsoever relating to the Exhibition and the Exhibitors participation in it, except where incurred or sustained by the Organisers as a result of any damage or injury caused by the
official contractors appointed by the Organiser.


In the event that the premises where the Exhibition is to be held shall, in the sole determination of the Organiser, become unfit or unavailable for occupancy, or shall be substantially interfered with, by reason of fire, flood, tempest or any other such cause or as a result of government intervention, malicious
damage, acts of war, strike, lock-out, labour dispute, riot or any other cause of agency over which the Organiser has no control or should the Organiser decide that owing to any such cause or agency it is necessary or advisable to cancel, postpone or re-site the Exhibition or reduce the planned period for
preparation, display or dismantling the Organiser shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the Exhibitor in respect or any damage or loss direct or indirect arising as a result thereof. In the event that the Organiser decided to re site the Exhibition to another venue for reasons other than already stated herein before, the Exhibitors unwilling to be re sited at the new venue may cancel their application and receive a full refund provided that the Organiser shall not be liable for any consequential loss however so arising.

The exhibitor shall take out and maintain at all times:
– Public liability insurance in respect of claims made against the exhibitor for bodily injury or damage to property for a limit of indemnity of no less than £2,000,000.
– Sufficient insurance to cover irrecoverable expenses in the event of cancellation and/or abandonment of the event for any reason beyond the exhibitor’s control.
The Organiser shall be entitled to inspect the exhibitor’s event insurance policy, which the exhibitor shall make available on request.
The organiser recommends that the exhibitor also takes out insurance to cover loss or damage to the exhibitors own property or property for which the exhibitor is responsible during the course of the event.


If the Exhibitor fails to comply in any respect with the terms of this agreement, the Organisers shall have the right, without notice to the Exhibitor to offer said space to another exhibitor, or to use said space in any other manner, but shall not be construed as affecting the responsibility of the exhibitor to pay the full
amount specified by the contract. The organiser reserves the right to interpret, amend and enforce these regulations as it deems proper to
assure the success of the Exhibition.


Official contractors whose, names will be included in the Service Manual will be appointed by the Organiser for electrical work on all stands.
Exhibitors will be responsible for settling accounts for their electrical work directly with the Contractor, A device may be illuminated but in this case the lighting must be still- not flashing – and any direct light there from shall be screened in such way as to avoid caused nuisance or discomfort to visitors and other
Exhibitors. Electrical installations on stands of other exhibitors shall comply with the Regulations for Electrical Engineers and any statutory or local regulations or requirements to which the Exhibition may be subject.


All Exhibitors will be provided with a Service Manual that will list details of the authorised contractors appointed by the Organisers. It will also contain specific regulations relating to the build up, breakdown and conduct of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by these regulations.


In order to ensure only official access to the Exhibition areas, all Exhibitors and their personnel, and all contractors will be issued with non-transferable passes. No admittance to the Exhibition areas will be allowed unless this pass is presented. Each Exhibitor will be required to provide to the Organisers at least
two weeks before the first day of build up, a list detailing the personnel who will be present on the stand, and the days on which each person is likely to be in attendance.


Property Investor Media media does not guarantee and shall not be held liable should the exhibiting company not achieve overall success of the exhibition in respect to the expected revenue, expected number of leads, stand traffic, ROI, profits, and attendance by using RegBox™ equipment or software.
Property Investor Media cannot guarantee that scanned attendees will supply full personal contact information. We can only supply the information the attendee submitted when they registered or what has been supplied to us by the organiser.

Property Investor Media shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the loss of lead information.

Lead info will include any information provided in the registration for the show. Email address is manditory but mobile phone number is non manditory so may not be provided in all cases

Exhibitors use of the data after the event

When scanning an attendee at an event you MUST make them aware what you intend to do with their data. If you state it is only for a competition then the data should only be used for this activity and not any further marketing activity of other products you have You must get the permission of the attendee for the purpose you want prior to scanning their badge, we recommend when using the call to action scanner sheet that you allocate barcodes to these permissions.
If their data is to be stored/transferred outside of the EU you must get the attendees informed consent.
You must comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998 https://www.gov.uk/data-protection. You must
comply with the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR)

As part of your scanner package app user access will be restriced. If additional app users access your app package you will be charged £50 per additional user