How Blockchain Is Changing the Property Market.


Date: Friday 01-11-2019
Room: 5
Time: 15:40
Duration: 60
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Bitcoin lost 75% of its value in 2018 - while investments in blockchain technology showed growth of 520% during the same time period.

Blockchain is much more than just cryptocurrencies, and real estate is one of the richest markets for its adoption.

Landlords could raise funds without a bank ... and ... bigger investors could manage REIT at a fraction of the cost.

But these are just a couple of examples.

Join John Corey and a panel of guests who will look at the tools and market opportunities before they become public knowledge.

Speaker Profiles

John Corey

John is a multi-national real estate investor; USA and UK; Hawaii to Bradford; 30+ years of experience as a landlord. John comes from Silicon Valley where he worked for a number of seminal projects which define your technology world today. As example, his direct boss was Steve Jobs and a friend started LinkedIn so John was a beta tester. John moved to London when he started working for investment banks.

More recently, John has been active with crowd funding and understanding FCA regulations which apply when promoting property investments.