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Date: Friday 01-11-2019
Room: 2
Time: 10:40
Duration: 40
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Successful property investors run their portfolios as a business.  You need to continually plan ahead and hone your objectives to keep your business profitable. 

Should you be specialising in a niche, go upmarket or downmarket? 

How feasible is it in the current mortgage market to capital raise and buy more property? 

And with levels of EU migration to the UK declining, competition from millennial-focused 'build to let' and yet more regulation in the pipeline, how should you be adapting your business?

Join NLA Representative (and portfolio landlord) Richard Blanco as he considers the issues.

Speaker Profiles

Richard Blanco

London Representative | The National Landlords Association

Richard Blanco buys, lets and manages properties in six London boroughs.  His areas of interest and expertise include buying at auction, managing the development process, encouraging positive landlord tenant relations, financing and business strategy.

He is a London Representative for the National Landlords Association, has a keen interest in housing policy, press and media and regularly comments on housing matters through talks, blogging, press, radio and TV. 

He is a regular presenter of House Hunters International which broadcasts across the USA & Canada and presents the NLA podcast 'Inside Property' on Share Radio.