Investing in Nigeria: Recognising the opportunities. Dealing with the challenges.


Date: Saturday 13-04-2019
Room: 2
Time: 12:10
Duration: 60
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Nigeria has Africa’s largest population and biggest economy. There is also massive migration from the countryside to the cities and a huge shortage of accommodation in those cities.

... So is now a good time to put some money into Nigeria? 

... What type of property makes the best investment?

... What are the risks – and what can you do to minimise them?

At this session John Howell & FdiAfrica's Bola Aderemi and Debbie Prekebena will be joined by representatives of our Nigerian exhibitors to discuss the options.

The list includes ... 

  • Meritabode 
  • RevolutionPlus 
  • Delta Mega Trend
  • Landmark Homes
  • DNJ Properties
  • Buildcon
  • Gracias Global Property Nigeria 

Speaker Profiles

John Howell

John Howell is the Founder and Editor of – a website providing written and video guides to how things really work in other countries. 

Boasting over 30 years of experience in dealing with international legal and property problems, he is widely recognised and respected as a leading figure – and a leading legal adviser – in the field of international property. He has written many books about the subject, including several titles in 'The Sunday Times ® Guide to buying a Property in ...' series and two 'International Law' volumes of the prestigious Butterworths Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents - a major text book for lawyers.

He was also the Editorial Director of Overseal Property Professional (OPP) and has appeared many times in the press and on radio and TV as an expert on international law and property.  He has also presented seminars about property investment all over the world. He was a founder member of and (for several years) a board member of the Association of International Property Professionals.

Bola Aderemi Bayewumi

Mr Bola' Aderemi Bayewumi is the Chief Executive Officer of FdiAfrica Integrated Resources. A Broadcaster and Public Relations Consultant, with over 20 years experience in Corporate Branding and Product Promotion, he developed a unique concept of adequately providing vital information and networking platform to showcase investment opportunities in Africa as means of attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

Through sustainable partnership with Property Investor Media Ltd, FdiAfrica has been able to champion the creation of awareness among Africans - particularly Nigerians in Diapora - about the opportunities available in Property Development. This effort has opened up Africa to Foreign Direct Investors as a continent with great returns, not only in Property Development, but in other productive industries. 

Debbie Prekebena

Debbie Prekebena is the Head of Operations of FdiAfrica. With over 10 years of Marketing Experience in the Property Development sector, Debbie has been able to develop a workable blue print to cater for the housing needs of various classes of people who are keen to become home owners.

She is conversant with field operations and the practical aspects of Property Investment – and boasts a wealth of experience in the Nigerian residential property market.