Flexible Development - 3 Steps To Making Money As A Developer


Date: Saturday 13-04-2019
Room: 1
Time: 14:10
Duration: 40
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It's true.

Property development can generate exceptional returns, as you create something from nothing. But it's not the best approach for every investor.


Because there is always risk and it can wipe you out if you're not careful. The skill of any good developer is constantly mitigating those ever present dangers.

In this talk learn exactly how Development Discovery have been dealing with market risks and adjusting to profit in any condition.

Speaker Profiles

Pauline Heron

Pauline Heron is a Business Psychologist and Property Developer.  She started building her multi-million pound property portfolio nearly 30 years ago and ran that and her property lettings business alongside her Military career for nearly 25 years.  Since retiring from the military she has worked with a number of SME and charities helping grow and structure those businesses.  Now her focus is growing effective strategies with Development Discovery.