10 Ways To Lose Money As A Developer - avoid this by getting the knowledge and understanding you need


Date: Friday 12-04-2019
Room: 6
Time: 15:05
Duration: 40
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You might think property development is the best and safest way to make money. Lots of people do.  But without being careful it could wipe you out completely.

Just think about it.

You are putting your money (as an investor) and reputation/experience (as a developer) on the line for something that might or might not work. And you won’t know sometimes for years!

Now, they say knowledge is power.  So in this talk Charles Zhao will share with you 3 of 10 biggest ways you can lose money as a Property Developer, so you can take control and hopefully avoid the same dangers.

Speaker Profiles

Charles Zhao

Since graduating with a 1st class honours in Economics from the University of Cambridge, Charles Zhao has specialised in risk and finance by assisting top tier UK banks (including HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds) in setting up post crisis risk management systems.

Charles is now applying that risk and finance expertise to the field of property development and investment.