Property versus Shares: which is better and why?


Date: Saturday 13-04-2019
Room: 6
Time: 14:10
Duration: 40
Cost: £0.00
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When it comes to investing, your options are relatively limited to interest bearing investments, shares and property.

Of the latter two that generate higher returns, what are the best options and why? Which gives a better return, more stability and who is it most suitable for?

This seminar will give you a basis for comparing your investment options and what is achievable in each by taking at look at history and the future of each asset class and how that relates to different situations and goals.

Speaker Profiles

Paul Mahoney

FCA Authorised Paul Mahoney boasts 10+ years experience as a Financial Advisor and Property Consultant.

Nova Financial are a privately owned and independent property advisory group who specialise in buy to let property investment and financial strategies focussing on the UK property sector. They provide an end to end advisory service to ensure that clients make confident and educated decisions.

Prior to his current role, Paul was General Manager of Spring Financial Group (2011-2014).