Auctions continue to offer great opportunities – how to find them and buy them


Date: Saturday 13-04-2019
Room: 3
Time: 11:35
Duration: 40
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As the shortage of new build property remains - and seems likely to remain - a reality in certain parts of the UK (especially London and the South East), many investors have identified the auction room as a sensible source of new property investments.

But for those unfamiliar with the environment, traditions and protocols, the auction room can seem a forbidding place to enter. This this really should not be the case.

In this session, David Sandeman (the UK's definitive commentator and information source on UK auctions) will debunk the myths and mystique surrounding auctions and prepare the auction buyer for what to expect and why they should take this important property source very seriously.

Speaker Profiles

David Sandeman

Managing Director | Essential Information Group

David purchased his first property at auction in 1984 and has been involved in auctions ever since.  In 1990 he set up the Essential Information Group ltd to report on every auction held in the UK. 

E I Group provides its clients with information on every property coming to auction by way of database searches and email ‘elerts’- and maintains full information on past lots also.

David is highly respected as one of the UK's auction specialists and is regularly interviewed by the national media for comment on the property auction market. He works closely with Auctioneers to promote the industry.