Property Investing in 2019: Are you creating Assets or Liabilities?


Date: Saturday 13-04-2019
Room: 1
Time: 12:20
Duration: 40
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As the editor of Property Investor News Magazine (the UK's largest specialist title for the property investment sector) and an experienced professional landlord himself, Richard Bowser occupies a perfect vantage point from which to assess what is happening in the sector - and what is looming on the horizon.

In this session he will share his views on the current state of the market, recent developments and emerging trends in the sector - and look at factors the serious investor should take into account when planning their next move/s.

As always Richard's views may surprise the audience, however as those who have attended his sessions regularly in recent years will confirm, he has an uncanny knack for making accurate predictions.

Essential listening for veteran and novice investor alike - particularly as the UK's ongoing Brexit shenanigans continue to cast a cloud or shining light (depending upon your perspective) on the sector.

Speaker Profiles

Richard Bowser

Editor | Property Investor News Magazine

One of the very few independent market commentators who, from 2002 onwards, regularly warned private investors as to the very clear risk factors relating to the purchase of new-build apartments for investment. In early 2007 Richard emphatically predicted that mortgage lending would quickly become more difficult and expensive and that investors should avoid carrying excessive debt levels on low yielding property. 

Roll forward just a few years and the impact of the banks’ increased risk aversion to property lending was plain to see, but back in 2007 the boom was still in progress and Richard's oft issued words of caution were foolishly ignored by many investors who remain in negative equity or faced repossession.  

Over the last decade Richard has regularly spelt out to investors the inherent risk of speculative investment strategies based on low yields and excessively high LTV borrowing. A sought after speaker at many property investor and landlord events, Richard’s views are widely recognised and valued - most importantly by the thousands of subscribers to ‘Property Investor News’.