Beginning your property investment journey is an exciting time, but for someone new to the industry, it can quickly become an overwhelming experience. Investing in property requires extensive research and an understanding of different expert strategies.

Property Deals Insight have highlighted some strategies have been used by experts to achieve this for years to get you thinking but which is right for you?


Are you speedy when it comes to decision-making? If so, repossession might be the adrenaline-fueled investment method for you. If a homeowner repeatedly misses their payment, the mortgage lender acquires the property and sells it to protect their investment. If you’re quick to the mark, you can grab these properties with a big discount, acquiring a perfect property for your portfolio.

Auction property

Auction properties are a hot spot for those looking to grab a property at a lower cost. Repossession, niche appeal, need for refurbishments, or desire for a quick sale are among the reasons for auctioning a property. No matter the grounds for auctioning a property, it’s a great way to build your property portfolio without spending tons of money on one investment. But, be aware that auction properties require a hefty amount of legal paperwork. You will also need to decide on your maximum bid and arrange a mortgage beforehand.

Cash Offer

Have you been preparing for your investment for quite some time? You might be in the position to provide a cash offer to the seller. A cash offer is exactly what it says on the tin; the total property payment upfront without a mortgage. The benefit of paying in one sum for you is a quick sale and a rapid increase in the value of your property portfolio. However, be cautious and make sure you discuss why the seller wants a cash offer and inspect the property before parting with your money.


If you’re not afraid of hard graft and putting your creative eye to work, refurbishing is ideal. Buying a property that requires large or small refurbishments before heading to the market allows you to increase the value of your investment and earn you more money in the long run. Although refurbishing takes time, resources, and effort from you and your team, it is incredibly rewarding, both personally and profitably.

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