Eating at ExCeL

With over 30 restaurants, bars, cafe's and pubs you are never too far away from a freshly-prepared sandwich, a gourmet coffee, a wholesome helping of pasta or pizza or a relaxing glass of chilled Chardonnay. For an up to date selection of whats on offer at the venue click here

Venue Dining

  • Pizza This Pasta That


  • Offers a wide selection of freshly-baked pizzas, accompanied by fresh salads and a fine selection of beers and wines.
  • Oi! Bagel


  • Fresh bagels baked throughout the day, and made to order with a variety of delicious deli fillings.
  • Birley Sandwiches


  • A 'Deli' style sandwich bar offering delicious speciality sandwiches to order, all freshly made.

Formal Dining

  • The Fox @ ExCeL

  • Located on the walkway between Custom House DLR and the main entrance to ExCeL London at the western approach, The Fox @ ExCeL has become a firm favourite with the many regulars who visit ExCeL London.
  • Nakhon Thai

    Cocktail Bar & Thai Restaurant -

  • Nakhon Thai's canopied straw huts and beautiful artefacts capture perfectly the exotic charm of Thailand. The oasis continues outside, where you can enjoy your alfresco meal in a palm-tree surrounding, with fantastic views of the Thames gateway.