HMO investments have been steadily gaining traction and becoming increasingly popular among investors due to their exceptional potential for high rental yields. Those in favor of HMO investments contend that when a property is managed as a House in Multiple Occupation, the investor can yield significantly higher rental income compared to renting the entire property as a single unit.

The upsides can be huge but any HMO landlords have a lot to know, do and stay on top of.  To recognise and serve this demand we have created a unique’ area of the show totally focussed on HMOs/Shared Living/Co-Living. This will be supported by a number of HMO seminars to help investors navigate through this lucrative sector of the market. Join our team of Zone specialists and discover the vast potential HMO investments can offer.The HMO advisors will include Hayley Andrews,  Your Freedom Empire, Matt Baker – Scott Baker Properties and Helen Turner from COHO  .

If your business has an interest in HMO investments, we encourage you to reach out to us to explore the possibility of being a part of this exciting opportunity by contacting Property Investor Media Sales team on or call (0)20 8877 0610.

Here is just one of the many panel debates staged at the last show THE DOS & DON’T’s OF HIGH END HMOS   featuring Wendy Whittaker Large, Haley Andrews, Helen Turner and Ian Dumbarton.


And here’s a short highlights film of our most recent event

HMO Zone features at the Property Investor Show, 19/20 April 2024, London ExCel.