Anthony Cherry, founder of Timeostat Ltd, a thermostat company, faced the Dragons on the latest episode of Dragons’ Den to pitch for investment in his new model of landlord thermostat. This was a significant moment for Anthony, as he sought funding to launch new versions of the Time:o:stat. The Dragons, known for their expertise in business, were impressed by the success and potential of the Time:o:stat presented by Anthony.

As a landlord himself, Anthony had noticed the problem of high heating bills in his shared student houses, leading to the development of the Time:o:stat. The thermostat has since become a popular solution for landlords looking to control heating costs in rental properties. Initially created for Anthony’s own properties, the Time:o:stat has now gained a loyal customer base of over 10,000 landlords and is expanding into new markets with models like the Time:o:stat One.

Winning an award at the HMO awards, the Time:o:stat Classic is aimed at student and professional HMO markets, while the Time:o:stat One is perfect for guest markets like Airbnb and holiday caravans. Anthony, a qualified podiatrist and property developer, has been running a successful podiatry clinic in Aylesbury for the last 15 years. He currently resides in Chesham Bois with his wife and three children, close to his friends and family.

Time:o:stat will be exhibiting at the Property Investor Show on 19/20 April 2024 at London ExCel. Come and meet him face to face on the new HMO Zone at the show.