The idea of property investment excites and inspires many of us, but knowing where to begin or how to get expert advice can be a minefield. We’ll run through what it is, touch on the risks and rewards and point you in the right direction to get started. 


What is property investment?
Ask 100 investors for a definition of property investment and you’ll get 100 different answers. Really its a simple concept; the intention to generate a return either through buying, selling and developing property or by investing in funds focussed on the property sector.

Return on investment
Those investing in physical properties generally look to generate a regular positive income from their buy-to-let properties. Or they redevelop their properties to increase the rental and/or resale value. Some investors will buy property in the hope that this will grow in value over time, though this is considered a higher risk strategy by many experienced investors. There are no guarantees with this approach.

What are the risks?
Buying a property as an investment carries the risk of returns not performing as expected or even the potential of a loss. Unexpected bills or void periods could turn a margin into a deficit. In addition, investing in property is a big commitment, requiring the individual to place what can be a significant proportion of wealth into a single asset. For this reason, many will consider investment across several asset classes across a broad portfolio. 

Do your research at The Property Investor Show
If you’re new to property investment, the importance of conducting thorough research and appropriate due diligence cannot be overstated. The great news is that this research can all be done at The Property Investor Show. The event is the ideal launchpad for your new endeavour.  Ask questions, make connections and get expert guidance from property investment specialists. 

In addition to meeting companies and experts at their exhibition stands, you can also sign up to the events programme. Over 80 seminars, presentations and panel debates take place over the two days covering every aspect of property investment. This programme of events provides all the insight and expertise you need get started. 

Grow your network
The property investors network is a great community to join when starting out. The network was established in 2003 and has created a supportive and educational environment designed to help people become successful property investors. Monthly meetings are organised across the UK each month to enable members to network and learn the key skills. The property investors network doesn’t sell property but instead really focuses on education and support, guiding members how to invest whilst minimising risk and maximising potential returns. 

The property investors network will be on Stand No 505 at the The Property Investor Show in April, pop by to meet Founder, Simon Zutshi and his team. 

Property Investor Network


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