Top Tips on getting the best mortgage rate on your buy to let…

Improve your credit score: Lenders typically offer better rates to borrowers with higher credit scores. Paying off outstanding debt, making all payments on time, and keeping credit card balances low can help improve your credit score and qualify for a better rate. Shop around: Compare rates from multiple lenders to ensure you are getting the

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Mortgage rate cuts provides opportunities for Property Investors

Lenders in the mortgage industry have begun the year with rate cuts, providing relief to homeowners and property investors seeking new deals. The Halifax, the largest lender in the UK, has reduced interest rates by almost one percentage point, leading brokers to anticipate that other lenders will follow suit. HSBC has also announced plans to

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Rental yield hotspot revealed…

Rising rental yields signal a period of opportunity for property investors, according to new research. Research from property investment platform, Sourced Franchise, reveals that UK rental yields have seen a marginal increase in the past year. The latest data shows that the current average yield in the UK is 5.2%, marking a 0.4% increase since this time

HMO’s – why they still offer the best long term opportunity for Property Investors

With a cost of living crisis, interest rates increasing, stress tests becoming more stringent, and inflation skyrocketing, one of the best property strategies for investors to focus on  in 2023 is around increasing cashflow, and that strategy is HMO’s according to Premier Property. By implementing the HMO Strategy you are able to increase cashflow significantly,

Base rate increase – what does it all mean and what does the future hold for Property Investors?

The Bank of England has increased the Base Rate (BBR) to 5% last week. Earlier in the year, industry experts were unanimous in their predictions for just two Base Rate rises throughout 2023. However, recent activity and nervousness surrounding the money markets have meant today’s announcement will not come as a surprise, and is the thirteenth consecutive

Rightmove data shows more opportunities for Property Investors

It looks like although there is much interest in moving, with summer on its way and uncertainty around mortgage rates, the market has slowed down in June. This could mean some more bargains out there for keen eyed property investors. Rightmove found that demand appears to be holding up with the number of enquiries 6%

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UK house price drop opens the door to serious investors

Following 3 successive years of price rises – and as predicted by several speakers at April’s Property Investor Show – high street lenders Halifax and Nationwide have reported that in the year to May house prices fell in the south of England, with all other areas - except Wales - recording slowing annual price growth.

Prices hit record high as new sellers respond to improving market

The latest May house price index for the UK has been released and it's showing a significant increase in property prices according to Rightmove. The average price of property coming to the market jumps by 1.8% (+£6,647) this month to reach a new record of £372,894 in a delayed response to the higher-than-expected level of

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All time high in tenant demand boosts buy-to-let market

As the ongoing lack of rental supply continues to drive up rents across England and Wales, a recent report from Paragon Bank reveals tenant demand has now hit an all-time high. What’s prompting landlords to increase their rents, and which regions show the strongest rental demand? A recent report from Paragon Bank reveals the current

New Renters’ Reform Bill – what is it and what does it mean for Landlords?

What is the Rental Reform Bill? The Renters (Reform) Bill sets out the government's plans to fundamentally reform the private rented sector (PRS) and level up housing quality. The proposed reforms commit to "bring in a better deal for renters" and marks  "the biggest shake-up of the private rented sector in 30 years”. But what does

HSBC has launched a fixed 3.99 per cent interest rate on a five-year mortgage

Now here's some exciting and unpredicted news for Property Investors with a five year fixed mortgage rate of below 4% from HSBC  making it one of the first lenders to launch a sub-4 per cent since October. Some brokers had predicted the arrival of sub-4 per cent interest rates from next month, though some were

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