Maximise your return from exhibiting

Property Investor Show Advertising Offers

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibitors looking to maximise their return from the show should consider booking one or more of the (limited availability) promotional opportunities alongside their exhibition stand booking

Advertise in the Digital Show guide

We will have a digital show guide available for all visitors to access via smartphone at the show. There will be a number of opportunities to promote your brand via advertising and sponsorship within the guide.

Bespoke Email Broadcast

Property Investor Media maintains a relationship with 45,000+ of the UK’s most active investors. In addition to being property investors they hold portfolios that increasingly include Student alternatives plus a variety non-property assets.

Put simply all have a serious interest in relevant investment messages AND the funds to invest. This data is collected via a media value spend typically worth around £200k (per show) and captures some of the most active investors in the UK market today.

Find out more about Email Marketing.

Seminar Sponsorship

The 6 seminar theatres at the show (3 open areas
in the main hall 3 closed rooms on the 1st floor) will seat approximately 3000 visitors and these visitors provide a captive audience for your brand.

Option 1: Produce and provide us with 2 x roll up banners per theatre.

Option 2: Hang your branded banner in a theatre.

Branded Carpet Tiles

Position your brand stand (and location) right under the noses and feet! of our show visitors. You control the design – we handle the installation.

There are a maximum of 3 packages (of 5 tiles) available depending upon your stand location.

Sponsor The Floor Plan

Without doubt the most referred to document you will see within the exhibition hall is the floor plan – a map that helps visitors to navigate their way around the hall.

Advertisers can promote their brand on the front or reverse cover (or both).

Sponsor The Catering Area

The catering area sits at the heart of the show and provides the highest visitor traffic area within the hall.

As such it offers the ideal location within which to raise your brand profile.

In addition to a large hanging banner, position your literature in the area or consider branded T-shirts for the catering area staff!

…or, If You’d Like Something Different

Talk to us about a bespoke item or constructing a package of elements tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Property Investor Show Sponsorship