Is Yorkshire the KING IN THE NORTH?


Date: Saturday 04-04-2020
Room: 1
Time: 14:10
Duration: 40
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Tens of thousands of investors want properties in the north.

High prices in London combined with the surcharge stamp duty rates limit buy to let opportunities in the capital and the south in general. Yields are low, returns are low and capital growth is slowing.

Many investors know this and, sensibly, are looking to invest in other growing parts of the country.

But a key question for any investor looking outside London is ... where in the North?

A prime investment model is to have a mixture of strong rental returns, strong rental growth, and capital appreciation in a growing area. Mixed in with affordability, these factors are the solid foundations of a strong, prosperous portfolio.

Having grown the portfolio of hundreds of investors over the past 5 years, Dan Buchan explains why he moved to Leeds to grow his portfolio, why he has built his business there - and why Yorkshire is the best place to invest.

Having sold £40,000,000 worth of property, Dan will compare northern cities to the South - and give you the inside knowledge on how Yorkshire is growing faster than the rest.

Did you know the Sold STC rate in Leeds is over 55%? Did you know there’s hundreds of millions already being invested in Yorkshire, not even including the HS2 retail link?

Dan Buchan will reveal how his firm acquires hundreds of off-market properties, how to grow your portfolio in the north and - critically - why Yorkshire is the place to do it.

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Speaker Profiles

Dan Buchan

Dan Buchan set up his first company when he was 18 years old and investing in his first property at just 19.

Over the last 10 years, Dan has grown his property investment company - Aspire Property Group - to the point where it includes a bespoke property sourcing service for Yorkshire portfolio building, one of the largest deal packaging companies in the UK, a refurbishment and flip company, and a portfolio of £1.1 million by the time he turned 25.

Alongside his business and property successes, Dan has appeared on various Podcasts, YouTube channels and also a BBC 1 Documentary.

Aspire Property Group - a 2 x finalist in the UK Property Awards - has gone from strength to strength, now having helped 1000's of  investors from the UK  and abroad grow their investment streams and build their portfolios. 

Dan has gone on to mentor and speak at events across the UK to assist business entrepreneurs to build up their property businesses.