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Date: Friday 01-11-2019
Room: 5
Time: 11:00
Duration: 40
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20 years in the property investment industry have provided this session's speaker with some amazing opportunities that have brought great success. But along the way he has learnt some rather tough lessons.

The one of the outcomes has been a recognition of the benefits of streamlining and efficiency - and how digital tools can make life easier for today's investor/landlord. Attend this session to learn more.

Speaker Profiles

Arsh Ellahi

Arsh Ellahi’s journey into property began as he left university and embarked on a career which initial began by taking on his Father’s small property portfolio. This would later develop into an impressive multi-million pound business. Arsh has never been afraid to take risks or try something different. His early success in property began by taking a chance on people who were often stigmatised as "a landlord’s worst nightmare". This later developed into a business strategy that went from strength to strength and Arsh build on his success by exploring new avenues in property.

Arsh has gone on to write an Amazon bestseller ‘Boom, Bust and Back Again’ about his time in property, sharing the difficult times he experienced and how he recovered from the property crash.

He is a columnist for Your Property Network, where he answers readers’ questions about their property issues.