Why you should invest in ... Leeds


Date: Wednesday 30-10-2019
Room: 6
Time: 12:20
Duration: 40
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In the Leeds area yields of 10% and ROI’s of 25% are common place.

These figures have helped many investors achieve financial freedom, or at very least enjoy a better return on their money than the bank or building society. 

At this session Leeds-based Jo Fox will profile the Leeds property market and present several examples of just how much property investors can get for their money in the north of England. She will illustrate the financial returns that can be gained by investing in the City of Leeds.

Jo is a regular speaker at property events across Yorkshire and co-runs PPN Sheffield.

Speaker Profiles

Jo Fox

Jo Fox is an investor based in Leeds. She owns “Invest Leeds” a property sourcing and management company which helps others to invest in this vibrant city in the north.

Leeds “born and bred”, Jo steadily built a buy to let portfolio in her home city focusing on single buy to let houses that she would rent to families with young children. By the age of 32,  Jo had reached financial freedom and left her career as a special needs teacher and lived off the income from her rental portfolio whilst bringing up her young son. Jo says “property allowed me to leave an emotionally and physically challenging career which tied me down, but it also meant I could be at home for my son which has provided me with precious memories I will forever cherish, but also had the added bonus that I didn’t have to pay for expensive childcare!”