5 Steps To Financial Independence


Date: Friday 01-11-2019
Room: 2
Time: 13:25
Duration: 40
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Join Ritchie Clapson, leading property development mentor and co-founder of the propertyCEO training company as he reveals how existing business owners can transition into the lucrative area of property development using their existing skills, none of their own money and all while earning six figure profits working part time

This talk is a must for anyone who runs their own business.

It doesn’t matter what the business is or does. If you’re responsible for the success of a business and you want to get to a place where you’re working LESS and earning MORE, then this is for you.

In his talk Ritchie will show business owners;

  • How to create a business that can give you a consistent six-figure profit, even if that seems far-fetched right now
  • How to do this working part-time, without having to give up what you currently do
  • How to take advantage of a proven, highly leveraged business model that uses core skills that you already have
  • How you can choose when and how much to work each week and not get trapped in your existing business that in reality may have turned into another job
  • Why you don’t need any previous experience to make property development work for you
  • Why you don’t need to use any of your own money to invest
  • How you could make this happen within 18-24 months

Sounds ridiculous right?

Well come and listen to this talk and we promise it will be the most rewarding time you have ever spent working on your future.


Speaker Profiles

Ritchie Clapson

Ritchie Clapson CEngMIStructE, has been involved in property development for over 35 years, and as co-founder of propertyCEO, he teaches people how development is not only more lucrative than most other property strategies, it can actually be easier to do.

Ritchie’s development pedigree speaks for itself. A structural engineer by profession, he’s not only worked on hundreds of new-build, commercial and industrial conversion projects, he’s also trained and mentored countless developers and property professionals during his long career in the industry.

A business coach and strategist, he built up one of the country’s leading structural engineering firms and was appointed by the government as peer review engineer for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

Today Ritchie and his business partner Ian Child head up propertyCEO, one of the country’s most exclusive property development training companies.