Understanding Real House Prices


Date: Wednesday 30-10-2019
Room: 6
Time: 15:05
Duration: 40
Cost: £0.00
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At this session Ruban Selvanayagam - co-founder of Property Solvers - will outline some of the ongoing house market trends using a unique tool that highlights key differences between asking prices (at Rightmove) and sold prices (at HM Land Registry) across England, Wales and Scotland.

Be prepared for some surprising examples as to just how inflated asking prices are and how you, as an investor, can use data now widely available in the public domain to your advantage.

Ruban will also delve into whether there are any areas in Greater London that ‘stack up’ from a buy-to-let perspective or whether, at the current stage of the market cycle, it makes sense to start looking in other areas with stronger medium-term prospects.

Speaker Profiles

Ruban Selvanayagam

Ruban Selvanayagam is a private rented sector landlord, head blogger at the Property Investor's Blog and co-founder of  Property Solvers – a leading quick house buyer and express estate agency established in 2006.