How becoming a mortgage adviser can accelerate your property business


Date: Saturday 04-04-2020
Room: 6
Time: 15:05
Duration: 40
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Most property investors need to arrange mortgages on the properties they buy.

How much more control could you have over building your portfolio if you could also arrange your own BTL mortgages and understand the complexities that go with it?

What if you could also arrange the BTL mortgages for your property investor friends and acquaintances – how much more income could you generate for your property business?

In this presentation, Liz Syms explains how Connect, as BTL specialist advisers, have helped landlords to build substantial portfolios and how they now share that specialist mortgage knowledge via the Connect Academy.

Come and find out some key tips to portfolio building and how property investors and those connected to the property market are developing successful mortgage businesses to compliment and accelerate their property business.

Speaker Profiles

Liz Syms

Liz Syms has been providing mortgage and financial advice for over 20 years. Liz and her team over of 30 staff specialise in arranging mortgages and in particular, helping landlords to build their portfolios.

In 2012 Liz set up the specialist buy-to-let and commercial network that now supports over 100 mortgage brokers and also offers packaging and referral services catering for the DAs and ARs of other Networks that need help with their specialist cases.

Liz spends a large part of her time delivering training to brokers that focus on the brokers perspective of the market and the lender's criteria and requirements, and regularly writes articles that feature in the trade press.