No money down investing. Can it be done, or is it just BS?


Date: Saturday 04-04-2020
Room: 1
Time: 10:30
Duration: 40
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Is it really possible to buy property with none of your own money, or it is just BS?

Well it really depends. It you don’t believe it is possible, then it won’t happen for you.

But the reality is, thousands of investors are buying property right now using none of their own money, and you could be doing this as well.

There are two ways of doing this. The first and most popular, is to use other people’s money as the deposit, either as a private loan or a joint venture, where you share the profit from the deal. And the other way is to use creative strategies whereby you don’t need any money to profit from property.

Why not come and join Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic and founder of the property investors network (pin) to learn for yourself some of the ways that you could profit for property with No Money Down.

Simon will share with you some recent case studies of exactly how people have purchased property using none of their own money.  This presentation will open you mind to some of the creative strategies which you could be using right now, to increase your cash flow and quickly build your property portfolio.

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Speaker Profiles

Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi has been successfully investing in property since 1995. He became financially independent at the age of 32 thanks to the passive income from his multi million pound portfolio. Simon now spends his time helping and educating other investors to achieve the same success as him.

Simon is an international professional speaker, regularly asked to share his 2 decades of property investing experience at major wealth creation events organised by the biggest names in the business such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Allen and T Harv Eker. His book “Property Magic” became an instant Amazon No 1 best seller when launched in 2008.

In 2003 Simon founded the property investors network which is now the largest property networking organisation in the UK, providing education, support and resources for investors, with monthly network meetings in 51 different locations around the UK. 

In April 2007 Simon launched the original “Property Mastermind Programme” specifically designed to help people become professional investors with the objective of building a £1Million portfolio and gain a £50k income in just 12 months. This programme has created in excess of 250 property millionaires and continues to sell out every time due to the incredible results. 

In 2014 Simon launched CrowdProperty, which is a peer to peer lending platform designed to facilitate loans between private individuals and professional property investors/developers.