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Rent Chief

Stand Number: 6

Rent Chief have built the first truly end-to-end platform that help landlords optimise new property investments and efficiently manage existing portfolios. Our platform is fully cloud based so can be accessed from anywhere, linking all key players – tenant / trade / landlord / service providers and agents. Our unique approach involves utilising a range of public property data sets to reduce data entry and generate insights for our users.

Whether your a new investor or have many properties come and talk to us to see how we can help you make more money for your future.

We also offer white label solutions to financial services or estate agents to help you engage more with landlords. Come and talk to us to help you grow your business.

Our software helps across a growing range of functions, some of the key ones include :

  1. Evaluating the financial viability (ROI’s) of new property investments.
  2. One place for all your property info / images & documents.
  3. Collaborate with your team – Invite your staff, co-owners, administrators to work alongside you on the platform.
  4. Smart rental management - Manage tenancy details and invite your tenants to the platform to share docs / chat & raise issues.
  5. Ensure your properties are well looked after using our tools to manage issues / trades and resolutions.
  6. Improve your cash flow and profitability by tracking all your income and costs.
  7. Provide a complete audit of each property to ensure they are meeting the required regulations.
  8. Manage residential, commercial or mixed use properties and cater for full property let or multi-unit let (HMO / Serviced office)
  9. Track all assets within properties and carry out inspections / H&S checklists.