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Brickless Developers Group

Stand Number: 215

Brickless Developers Group is an American based company with domestic and international experience in monolithic concrete construction system delivering homes and multifamily buildings with 100% concrete structures.  The Brickless Group encompasses Real Estate Development, General Contractor, Real Estate Sales and Holdings.  The Brickless concrete form-work construction process has proven itself effective for single-family construction, multifamily residential builds, and in commercial development. Established in 1990, we have successfully implemented our innovative industrialized construction system excelling in technology on a pour-on site concrete system delivering many projects in the U.S., Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and beyond.


We are committed to excellence, and are continuously delivering solid constructions, beautifully designed with stunning interiors. The Brickless quality delivers homes to last; through the implementation of a rigorous process that guarantees that each property is built and delivered to the highest building standards.


Brickless Design Philosophy-


Our homes are carefully designed to answer the needs and beauty of everyday living.

Spaces are meticulously created with open spaces and flex ambiances to accommodate the demands of families and landlords as years go by. The balance between the beauty of minimalism, the optimization of interior spaces and the strength of concrete allows us to offer the final buyers a unique product.


Beautiful and functional design at affordable prices-


Brickless Development’s industrialized construction system offers many advantages to developers and construction teams that traditional construction cannot provide. We complete projects faster, at lower than competitor’s cost, and with rigorous quality and safety standards. Our challenge embraces passion to deliver solid built homes and multifamily buildings with functional interior spaces, aesthetic harmony and affordable prices. Every detail counts for all communities, producing low maintenance without sacrificing a comfortable and balance lifestyle.


Innovation Evolution in Design-


Our mission is innovating constantly, evolving and improve our building technology, designs and environmental efficiency through constant research and development responding to the needs of future generations.